TTV In Tights

Happy Thursday my homies and homettes. I hope that wherever you are in this crazy rock we call earth, you enjoy your morning, noon, evening or night.

Ever since I retired as a professional weekend binge drinker back on December 7, 2019, I’ve been trying to figure out what my next move will be, in the sense of being more active on the weekends. As a matter of fact, I even thought about taking piano lessons or even getting into yoga. Just picture 5 feet, 11 inches, 225 Lbs. me in Yoga pants. I know that shit will go viral in less than a minute! 

But because I know that I’m the type of person who gets all excited about starting something new, then halfway through, for no reason whatsoever, drops everything, I’m sitting tight, before I make any big decisions. 

Nobody Is "Perfect"

Good morning and happy hump day my homies and homettes. As you might have noticed by now, for some unknown reason, I decided to delete all my post and start this here boring, crazy, insane and weird blog of mine from scratch.

The truth is, that I don’t know why, but I have always done shit like this without any explanation. One thing for sure is, I don’t blame it on my mental disorders, because I know that it is one of my many imperfections that I have to work on from now on. Other than that, I’m just your average everyday crazy motherfucker with a crazy blog about nothing.