Empowering Women? My Ass!

I remember that back when I was around 12 or 13 years old, my father ran out on my mother, my six older sisters and me, and we struggled like hell for a long time. So, this is what I think about the bullshit empowerment movement that has been going on for a while now.

I find it really fucked up, that the women that go around talking shit about empowerment, are women with power, money and something to sell… Like a stupid fucking book or some other shitty product.
I have never seen, not one of them, sit down and talk personally to a high school dropout, single mother of four, who must work 12+ hours a day, with no benefits whatsoever, at a little fucked up corner restaurant or bar, where dumb ass men, want to feel her all the time. And who is struggling to keep a roof over her kid’s head, food on the table and give them a good education.

Explain to this to me please, because I am a really fucking stupid little man who grew up with 9 women in his life, who influenced me to be the man that I am today…

How are you empowering women, by posting naked pictures of yourself on social media? How are you empowering women, by selling your dumb ass book, to women who cannot afford it in the first place and if they could, don’t have any free time to read it because they are busting their asses working? How are you empowering women, when you travel around the world in first class, getting paid thousands of dollars for each lame ass and cheap speech you give? How the fuck, is that empowerment???

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