The Can’t Help Books

Even though I only binge drink on and off on the weekends, I have been looking for stop drinking self help books for the last week or so, and not for nothing, but the thing that I’ve noticed was, that everyone of those stop drinking book authors, have their own ideas as to what the problem is and how to fix it. And again, not for nothing, but another thing that I did noticed was, that unlike me, who can stay away from alcohol for months at a time, but when I do drink, I only go on a binge on the weekend, them motherfuckers drank every fucking day of the week. Don’t’ get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m better than them, but that brings me to the following questions.

Since I’m an on and off weekend binge drinker, do I really need a stop drinking self-help book? Or should I just learn how to keep my lazy ass brain busy, during the weekends?

2 thoughts on “The Can’t Help Books

  1. Hey! Yeah I get that – I read a lot of “quit lit” books when I first wanted to give up drinking, and it was hard to relate to many of their stories. But I think after reading so much I took a little of what I could from each book until I found what worked for me. (“worked”, haha, I’ve not even gotten to a month sober) but, still. I think the most important thing is what you said, find other enjoyable things to occupy yourself instead of drinking, give yourself lots of time to “practice” not drinking when you otherwise would. It’s a bad habit and takes time to break.

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    1. I am glad that you were able to get sober by using different takes from different books, congrats my friend. My shrink keeps telling me to volunteer on the weekends in order to keep busy, but the problem is, that they want me to commit a certain amount of months, which I can’t because my weekend plans change all the time. Thank you for your advise, I will give myself lots of time to practice.

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