Fake Famous

A couple of days ago, I started watching a documentary about so called influencers and people’s obsession with follows, likes, comments and fame on social media. The whole thing is, that I didn’t get to finish watching it, because I’m allergic to stupid people and my body started breaking out in rashes. It just annoys the living shit out of me, how so many talentless people want to be famous, just to be famous.


Next month is going to be one year since I started working remotely. At first, I enjoyed it a lot, because the weather was warm and I could go out for my smoke breaks, see friends and clear my mind. But once the dreaded autumn and winter started, everything went downhill for me, because even when I’m not working, I have to stay home doing shit. After a while, everything becomes fucking boring, TV, music, news, streaming services and social media alike. It’s just fucking crazy.