Shrink Wanted. Apply Within

Today is my 8th Alcohol-Free day and I feel like Tony the tiger, FUCKING GREAT! WOO-HOO!

Other than that, after 10 years of getting treated for Bipolar II, Depression, OCD and social anxiety by my shrink Dr. C, my last session with him was a couple of days ago because he dropped my medical insurance company. Last month he explained to me that he was doing so, because as usual, the company was paying him less and they couldn’t get to an agreement.

He did tell me, that if I don’t find a new shrink by next month and I run out of crazy meds, to give him a call and he will send the prescriptions for me one last time.

Now just like I found him through my insurance company 10 years ago, I have to start searching. The whole shit is having to make all them fucking calls, getting turned down for one reason or another reason and then starting from zero.

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