Repent For The End Is Near!

Because of the pandemic, working from home since mid March of 2020 hasn’t been easy for me, because there have been many adjustments that I had to do. The fucked up part is having to spend so much time inside, specially with all the fucked up negative news that goes around. I mean, how many fucking ways can they report that we are going through a pandemic? How many fucking shootings, rapes, murders, wars, natural disasters and so on can they fucking show us?

What the media wants us to believe is, that the world is coming to and end… But hasn’t it been since the beginning of time? I mean, what the fuck is wrong with the media? We are all going to die, it’s just a matter of when and how… but I sure don’t need to be reminded every fucking minute of every fucking day.

2 Snaps!

OK boys, girls, others and the rest of you, I’m happy to say that I’m done for the day at the salt mines… WOO-HOO! I still have two more days to go, but who the fuck cares?

On a TV note… For a while now, I’ve been trying to stay away from most of the negative shit on TV, so I really have to give it to The Lifetime channel. Not only have they been airing Christmas movies, but compared to other channels, their diversity is fucking unique.