The Short End Of The Post

I enjoy writing short post because just like in real life, I like to get to the point and move on. Not that there’s anything wrong with a 1.5-billion-word post. Plus, according to a study authorized by Microsoft, the average attention span of humans is only eight seconds, so there you have it, yet another reason why I try to keep it under 100.

A Crazy Man With A Blog

On and off I have been blogging for who knows how many years, but the thing about me is, that I’m not a mental health advocate, writer, author or anything like that, nor do I want to or plan to ever be. My thing is, that I do it to deal with my Bipolar II, OCD, weekend drinking and other shits by posting them on this here crazy blog of mine.

Me The Weekend Binge Drinking Par-Time Alcoholic

It’s funny, but some people might classify me as an everyday average alcoholic, just because when I start drinking, I can’t stop. The thing is, that I consider myself a “weekend binge drinking par-time alcoholic”. Why? Because I only drink SOME weekends, but when I do, I do it for a couple of days none stop. Other than that, I’m OK with alcohol, because I don’t have to or want to drink everyday anyway.

As a matter of fact, there have been many times, when I have been alcohol free for months, without a problem. I mean don’t get me wrong, I do have a drinking problem, but only when I have the first beer on any given weekend. That’s the reason why I’m happy to say, that today I have been alcohol free for 6 days… WOO-HOO!

Empowering Women? My Ass!

I remember that back when I was around 12 or 13 years old, my father ran out on my mother, my six older sisters and me, and we struggled like hell for a long time. So, this is what I think about the bullshit empowerment movement that has been going on for a while now.

I find it really fucked up, that the women that go around talking shit about empowerment, are women with power, money and something to sell… Like a stupid fucking book or some other shitty product.
I have never seen, not one of them, sit down and talk personally to a high school dropout, single mother of four, who must work 12+ hours a day, with no benefits whatsoever, at a little fucked up corner restaurant or bar, where dumb ass men, want to feel her all the time. And who is struggling to keep a roof over her kid’s head, food on the table and give them a good education.

Explain to this to me please, because I am a really fucking stupid little man who grew up with 9 women in his life, who influenced me to be the man that I am today…

How are you empowering women, by posting naked pictures of yourself on social media? How are you empowering women, by selling your dumb ass book, to women who cannot afford it in the first place and if they could, don’t have any free time to read it because they are busting their asses working? How are you empowering women, when you travel around the world in first class, getting paid thousands of dollars for each lame ass and cheap speech you give? How the fuck, is that empowerment???

Life Imperfect

I hear so many people around me, talking shit about other people’s flaws. But it is so fucking incredible, how THEY, refuse to take a step back and see all of their own fucked up flaws and clean their own shit up.

I guess for some people, is easier and more convenient, to point their fucking finger and say… THAT’S THE BAD GUY!

I’m just an imperfect man, living an imperfect life, in an imperfect world.

What The Fuck Am I Doing?

Sometimes, the same way that I deleted all my social media accounts, I feel like deleting this fucking crazy and boring blog of mine. I mean, who the fuck cares about what I post? I just keep wondering… what the fuck am I doing? What’s my whole fucking point? What the fuck do I want out of it? And to be honest, I don’t have one fucking answer to those questions… not one!

What’s My Passion Then?

Good morning and happy Sunday kids. As always, I hope that you enjoy your day to the fullest no matter what goes down.

As for me? I’m always hearing and reading, about people who tell their stories about how they found their passion. The question that I keep asking myself is… is there such a thing as finding ones passion?