A Very Fucking Depressing Day

I am happy to say, that even though I am a weekend binge drinking alcoholic, today is my 7th alcohol free day. WOO-HOO! But not so fast boys, girls and others, when it comes to my depression, today has been a very… very… very fucked up day for me and even then, I had to work, because the bills will not pay themselves. To be honest, there were a few times I felt like drinking, but that is not the answer. But hey! What the fuck? I take my crazy meds every day, I still have my bad days. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my shrink Dr. C, I just hope that it is a better day.

What The Fuck Am I Doing?

Sometimes, the same way that I deleted all my social media accounts, I feel like deleting this fucking crazy and boring blog of mine. I mean, who the fuck cares about what I post? I just keep wondering… what the fuck am I doing? What’s my whole fucking point? What the fuck do I want out of it? And to be honest, I don’t have one fucking answer to those questions… not one!