5 Days And Counting

Good morning and happy Tuesday kids. I am happy to let you know, that today I have been Alcohol-Free for 5 days and I feel fucking great, WOO-HOO!

As for my lower back pain, yesterday the doctor at the urgent care clinic gave me a shot, which really took care of the pain, so today I’m going back to the salt mines. I hoped he had given me a couple of days off, but as you know, shit happens.

Shit Always Happens To TTV

Good morning and happy Monday kids! I am happy to say, that I’m back from my 21 day vacation with my wife to The Dominican Republic.

We did enjoyed it to the fullest and to the last minute. But, I did fucked up my lower back while fucking around with our luggage on our way back home. What I’m trying to say is, that this post was written while I was waiting to be seen by an urgent care doctor. Most likely I’ll get a shot, pain meds and be excuse from the salt mines for a couple of days. What can I say, shit happens.